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Steve Segal is a Montreal-based guitar player, writer, producer, and engineer who has worked with April Wine, Aldo Nova, Celine Dion, The Ramones, Jon Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Michel Pagliaro, Niagara, Eric Lapointe, Roch Voisine, Robert Charlebois, Nanette Workman, and many others.

Steve started his career as a professional musician in 1977 playing for Quebec’s well-known Rock ‘n Roll diva, Nanette Workman.

In 1978 he started working as a studio guitarist, logging many hours in the studio with such talents as Michel Pagliaro, Nanette Workman, George Thurston (Boule Noire), Gino Soccio, and others.

In 1980, while living in New York City with Talking Heads’ bass player, Busta Cherry Jones, Steve worked with members of the Talking Heads, and  recorded two songs with the Ramones becoming the only other guitar player besides Johnny Ramone ever to record with the Ramones in studio.

After playing almost every club and theatre in Manhattan over the next two years,including shows with members of the Talking Heads, Joey Ramone, Busta Cherry Jones, Jimmy Rip, Bernie Worrell and others, Steve grew weary of the new wave and punk scenes that were so “in vogue” during that period, so he returned to Montreal to put together a small recording studio where he started collaborating with well-known Quebec hit songwriter Angelo Finaldi writing and producing French Quebec artists.

Open Quote Steve has always been and always will be my 1st and only call when I need slide guitar. I have used him on some major league records and he always gives me exactly what I want. Close Quote

Aldo Nova, recording artist, producer for Celine Dion, Faith Hill , Jon Bon Jovi

Open Quote I love Steve's approach to melody and soloing. He just seems to nail it every time. From Slow melodic playing to high speed drag racing on the guitar, he has it all covered. He's played on  my last 4 albums and will be playing on all the ones to come. Close Quote

Nanette Workman, International recording artist


In 1984 Steve co-wrote, arranged, and played on a Radio Activitee top-ten single for Nanette Workman entitled Bad Boy.

In 1988 Steve wrote, arranged, played and produced the award-winningLes Nuits S’ens Vient for Polygram recording artist Nico Matisse at Steve’s personal studio in Montreal.  On this project, he worked closely with Corky Laing of the famed band Mountain who was head of A&R for Polygram Records at the time.  Around the same time, Steve also recorded Alice Cooper’s “Freedom” in pre-production of the comeback album Raise Your Fist.

While touring Quebec with Michel Pagliaro from 1987 through 1989, Steve also spent many hours during his off-time recording with  various Quebec artists such as Aldo Nova, Celine Dion, Michel Pagliaro, Marie Denise Pelletier, Patrick Bourgieous, 6AM, and Robert Charlebois.  During this time Steve also performed and co-produced quite a few jingles for major companies such as Molson, Labatt, Chrysler, Rainbow Jeans, Laurentide and many more.

In 1989 Steve played slide guitar on Aldo Nova’s album Blood on the Bricks and worked one-on-one with both Aldo and Jon Bon Jovi who co-produced the album with Aldo at Le Studio in Morin Heights.

At the end of 1989, he left Quebec to tour 22 European countries over the next two and a half years with the Parisian rock band Niagara, with whom he also recorded a live 4- song CD in Germany

Upon his return from Europe in 1992, he was asked to join the Canadian icon rock band April Wine.  During his 4-year, 2-album stint with April Wine, Steve also did sessions for others during his off-time, playing on several records including Eric Lapointe’s smash debut Obsession. Steve also co-wrote the song “Better Slow Down” with Myles Goodwyn on the April Wine CDAttitude. After parting April Wine on amicable terms, Steve started producing local acts while still playing live around Montreal.

In 1995, Steve was hired by Aldo Nova once again, this time to play on Celine Dion’s 17-million seller, Grammy award-winning album Falling Into You.

Around 1997, during his spare time he started playing occasionally with a band called Who Cares, a local band known for playing benefit concerts. Together, they played multiple benefit concerts for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Just For Kids Foundation, and the Momanides Senior Hospital Foundation.  Steve continues to play these benefit concerts to this day.

Open Quote Steve's knowledge of the guitar in every respect never ceases to amaze me. He's a monster player with some of the best tones I've ever heard. Close Quote

Glen Robinson, multi platinum producer-engineer with Keith Richards, Queensryche, Deep Purple, Killswitch Engaged , Govt Mule...

Open Quote Every time  I've worked with Steve  in studio, he always exceeded my expectations with great playing and great tone.  He just gets it! Close Quote

Myles Goodwyn, Producer, lead singer and founder of April Wine.


In 2000 he rejoined with Nanette Workman as guitarist, along with Montreal’s Jimmy James, for seven years and two albums, during which time he also recorded and produced demos for younger Quebec talent.

Near the end of 2007, Steve made the decision to stop touring and return to his passion of recording and producing music. Having completed three albums in 2008, he is currently in production on several other albums for up-and-coming Quebec artists at his studio in Laval, Quebec.

In 2007 Steve was contacted once again by Myles Goodwyn, founder and lead singer of April Wine to collaborate on a double CD project called Myles Goodwyn and Friends Of The Blues.  Steve plays on four songs and is in the company of a roster of world-class guitar players such as Rick Derringer, Frank Marino, Amos Garrett, Jack DeKeyser, David Wilcox, and others.  The album is slated for release in May 2009.

In 2009 April Wine was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. Steve being a one time member tagged right along with them!

On April 18 , 2010, Steve Segal,  again as a past member of April Wine, was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame with a lifetime achievement Juno award.
In 2012 Steve co-produced, arranged and played on Nanette Workman’s latest Album Just Getting Started.


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