Send me your mp3
I will get you that guitar you always wanted on your tracks

How it works

You send a MP3 stereo mix of your song starting and ending at the same points your project does in your DAW. This would include the count in and without any fade at the end. This is important so that you are easily able to line up and correctly time the wav forms that I’ll be sending back.

We will then communicate to discuss what guitars are to be recorded and in what style, etc.

Payment is then sent and the recording process begins.

Once the guitars are recorded, I will send you a link to my FTP sight with a password so that you may log on download the consolidated wav forms which you then import into your project. The wav forms can be imported into any program, be it ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, Sonar and all the rest. If any effects, such as delay etc, become an important part of the guitar tracks, they’ll be recorded on separate tracks.

What I can do for you

  • Electric

    Rhythm guitar in any-style including clean, crunch or power chords doubled for stereo effect.

  • Acoustic

    Acoustic rhythm guitar in any-style including rhythmic strumming, picked arpeggios or combos of both with choice of doubling (for strereo effect).

  • Guitar Leads
    and solos

    Lead solos and fills in any genre from slow melodic lines to shredding.

  • Slide guitar
    My forte

    Toured the world and played on several multi-platform albums thanks to my ability on slide guitar. Anything from pads to wailing leads in rock, blues, country, folk and more. Can be acoustic slide as well.


Starting at $250